Lets face it, you have always wanted an awesome pet elephant. Don’t worry you are not alone, we too wanted a pet elephant.  After pondering the thought and doing countless hours of research, Elephant for Sale has published the numbers as far as cost and resources required. We took it one step further too, we didn’t want all of the research to go to waste so we added pages full of information and fun facts. Wanna buy an elephant?


If you:

  • are a true elephant lover, check out the elephant for sale directory page and find the nearest location for you to see these large animals.
  • have decided you really want to purchase an elephant, we have a directory for that too!
  • are here on a school research project, check out the dedicated school pages that will walk you through proper formatting, sources and photos.
Animal Habitat Nutrition Care Total
Cat $5 $2 $3 $8
Dog $6 $6 $2 $14
Elephant $330 $50 $100 $470


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